Our History

AG History

OUR HISTORY begins almost 100 years ago in 1904 in Los Angeles, California during the Azusa Street Revival where the Assemblies of God was first birth. As the revival rapidly spread, many Pentecostals recognized the need for greater organization and accountability. The founding fathers and mothers of the Assemblies of God met in Hot Springs, Arkansas on April 1914 to promote unity and doctrinal stability, establish legal standing, coordinate the mission enterprise, and establish a ministerial training school.  From there the Assemblies of God in the United States was established and rapidly spread.

Meanwhile in El Paso, a couple by the name of Jesus and Jesusita Castellanos (1926) opened up their home to bring people together to pray, worship, and learn more about the Word of God this is where our church history begins. As years went, Rev. H.C. Ball (1930) came into El Paso after hearing of Hispanics were filled with the Holy Spirit. Rev. H.C. Ball, founder of this church later became the Superintendente of our District.

As we began to grow we moved into a building and was renamed “Iglesia Mexicana de Las Asambleas de Dios”. A place where families can pray, worship and seek the face of God in a unique and dynamic way.

Our Pastors

  • George Blasdell (1930-1935)
  • Cecilio Jacinto (Dec. 1935- Feb. 1940)
  • Josue Sanchez (1940-1944)
  • Raul Cruz (September 1944- December 1945)
  • Josue Sanchez (1946-1948)
  • Ramon Fuentes (April 1948- June 1950)
  • Gilberto Diaz (July 1950- June 1955)
  • Ventura Flores (August 1955- May 1961)
  • Zeferino Cabello (June 1961- September 1964)
  • Alejando Vargas (1964- 1973)
  • Guadalupe Rodriguez (August 1973- June 1975)
  • Alejando Vargas (June 1975- December 2003)
  • Jose Portillo (January 2004- Present)


90 years later, Living Water Christian Center has become a family of believers.

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